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About Our Company

  • The Solar Energy industry is rapidly evolving in Australia as more are being crippled by ever-rising electricity bills. Often when everyday Australians source solar companies for renewable energy, they inherit two parties; the retailer and the installer as well confusion, miscommunication and decreased quality.
  • The mission of Capital Solar is simple – to provide the highest quality service from the start to finish of the purchase cycle. Our Team is devoted to providing our client’s an experience that is seamless so they can begin reaping the benefits that solar provides.
  • At Capital Solar, we take pride in being in a position where we can positively contribute to your greatest financial asset – your home.
  • Capital Solar upholds a very selective process in product supply. We are committed to providing an innovative service of superior products.

Capital Solar is passionate about supporting our local community and ways we can help those across all of Australia reduce their energy costs. We are extremely proud to have helped many local businesses make the switch to solar panels and start their cost-saving journey.

Our company was founded with one vision in mind: “Working toward a cleaner future; by educating and helping the world save money through utilizing clean affordable renewable energy solutions and helping our environment at the same time.”

BRING “WOW” – We go above and beyond to turn heads!
ONLY THE BEST – We don’t do mediocre!
BE PASSIONATE – Success follows naturally
ACCOUNTABILITY – Take ownership and don’t wait!
WILL TO WIN – Never give up before exhausting all options!

Home Solar Expertise

It’s hard to match our expertise in solar power because at Direct Energy Solar, that’s our focus. Our in-house engineers are passionate about solar power. We use high quality PV panels developed by industry-leading manufacturers who rigorously test their panels and provide 25-year warranties for their products. Panel optimizer warranties vary from 12 years to 25 years, depending on the manufacturer.

1. Panel-Level Optimization on Every Installation

  • Direct Energy Solar was one of the first installers to replace the central inverters with small micro-electronics that attach to each solar panel. Known as panel-level optimization, this allows each panel to operate independently, leading to significant improvements in energy production and adding a new layer of intelligence throughout your solar system. With panel-level optimization, you also get greater design flexibility in the placement of your panels and an easily expandable system.

Traditional Inverter
  • With a central inverter device, solar panels are wired together in series. As a result, the output of your entire solar system can be dragged down by one panel. This situation makes your system more susceptible to common environmental factors such as shade.

Panel-Level Optimization
  • The central inverters are replaced with small micro-electronics that attach to each solar panel. This approach allows each panel to work independently, for maximum energy production and a more electricity savings over the lifetime of your system.

2. State-Of-The-Art Performance Monitoring

  • You can track your daily personal energy stats and see exactly how much solar energy you’re producing and how much you’ve reduced your carbon footprint. Website performance monitoring shows you how much wattage your panels are generating from hour to hour and what that translates to in terms of trees planted or cars taken off the road.

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